About the West Los Angeles Chapter of JACL

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The West LA JACL is a chapter in the Pacific Southwest district of the Japanese American Citzens League.  The West LA chapter is the largest chapter in the PSW district, and one of the most active. West LA offers a variety of ways of becoming involved with the organization and engaging with the Southern California Japanese American community.

Meet our Board here!

To learn more about the history of the West Los Angeles chapter of JACL, read more here.

Check out how to join and get involved with the West Los Angeles Chapter of JACL here!

Don’t hesitate to contact us! Send us an email at wlajacl@yahoo.com.

About the PSW District

The Pacific Southwest District encompasses Southern California up to Santa Barbara, and eastwards to Las Vegas.  PSW is a highly active district, with a focus on three pillars: community preservation, public policy, and civil rights.  PSW works in these areas through its youth programs – offered for both high school and college students, public policy work, and volunteer-based committees.  The PSW District office is located in Little Tokyo, Los Angeles, and is an integral and active part of the community.

About the Japanese American Citizens League

JACL logoFounded in 1929, the JACL is the oldest and largest Asian American civil rights organization in the United States.  The JACL monitors and responds to issues that enhance or threaten the civil and human rights of all Americans and implements strategies to effect positive social change, particularly to the Asian Pacific American community.

The JACL and the Japanese American community are continuously affected by changes in the political environment and in demographics. Our society continues to be impacted by the events of September 11, 2001, which created a worldwide climate of uncertainty and insecurity where we must reconcile the proper balance between issues of national security and our civil liberties. We are also affected by the changing demographics of race, ethnicity and age.

Looking to our future, the JACL constantly assesses the effectiveness of its role in Japanese American, Asian Pacific American and civil rights communities, and what infrastructure is necessary to effectively support our mission and efficiently achieve our goals. Today, with inter-racial and multi-ethnic marriages changing the face of the Japanese American community, the JACL faces additional challenges in looking to its future and to the future of the Japanese American community.


Aware of our responsibilities as the oldest and largest Asian Pacific American civil rights organization, JACL strives to promote a world that honors diversity by respecting values of fairness, equality and social justice.


The Japanese American Citizens League is a national organization whose ongoing mission is to secure and maintain the civil rights of Japanese Americans and all others who are victimized by injustice and bigotry. The leaders and members of the JACL also work to promote cultural, educational and social values and preserve the heritage and legacy of the Japanese American community


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